Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rockin' Things This Summer!

This summer I plan to go onto my grandparents boat, go fishing, buy and play video games, watch the new Transformers movie (I hope!), go swimming, and hang with friends!


  1. I hope you will choose to come up and fish/swim with us whenever your swim schedule will allow.
    'Love you much!!

  2. I looked at your list again, Gabriel, and I think we will share all that with you! ! !
    Boating - check!
    Fishing - check ! (got the underwater light waiting for nighttime fishing even!)
    Papa's already got your favorite video games loaded in the car ready - check!
    Your mama and I had already talked about keeping the girls so you can go and enjoy the Transformers ! Maybe Papa would like to go, too!
    We've got all sorts of swimming gear ready for big-time play at the lake!
    How about bringing friends to the boat - or making new ones with the guys at dock!
    Fun summer on tap! ! ! Can't wait to share it with you!