Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hi, It's Me!

I have always wanted to make a website ,but Momma said I couldn't and showed me this make-your-own-blog thingy wich is alot like a web site!

I plan to write a few recipes that I enjoy, stories, and possibly a few hobbies of mine! So check back on me soon!


  1. Cool Dude! I Love your Blog! What a great idea to capture your life and think out-loud for others to enjoy! Plus, it'll be fun to look back at your life - when you're older!

    Since I'm your grandparent whose boat you'll be on, I CAN'T WAIT to share the summer fun with you! ! !
    I Love you, Gabriel!

  2. Gabriel,
    I'm so pleased that you can share your life with us via your blog. I chose the same format page as yours before I read yours!

    This is much like your own web site. I'll look forward to checking it regularly. I'm anxious to read your stories!